Books by Its Cover, June PREVIEWS for August Release

Alright, so I botched it last month, but it’s a teaching moment.

Preview orders from your store are usually due like the last Friday of the month, which means stores like to have your orders in sometime during the third week. Well, we are well past the third week.  Next month I’ll get this out on the 15th, giving you plenty of time to run to your store and stock up, or well order to stock up later.

He we go anyway.  Your dealer can still put in the order, but it might not arrive on the release date, it might go straight to a back order scenario, through no fault of your dealer.

Back order means that if there are extra copies of the book left over at Diamond Distribution, they will send one out with the next shipment (sometimes maybe the next, next shipment).  It’ll take longer if they are available, but probably worth it.

Which is why pre-ordering through Previews with your dealer is such a good idea, you are guaranteed to get your book on time even if the book has a low print run, is in high demand and only available in prohibitively expensive Ebay land.

Lady Killer Volume 2 TP
(Dark Horse)
The exacting simplicity of the Lady Killer covers  by Joelle Jones @joelle_jones with some help from Michelle Madsen is why they are compelling.  Her ink line is so damn sexy, like Mike Allred @allredmd a little tipsy. #LadyKiller #DarkHorsecomics #JoelleJones #MichelleMadsen #MikeAllred @darkhorsecomics
Rashomon: A Commissioner
Heigo Kobayashi Case HC
(Dark Horse)
Victor Santos @polarcomic,
Mice Templar (Image), branches
out a bit adapting Ryunosuke
Akutagawa’s character Detective
Heigo Kobayshi.  Cover looks
great, premise looks intriguing.
#victorsantos #DarkHorsecomics #Ryunosukeakutagawa
Hatsune Miku: Future Delivery, Volume 1 (Dark Horse)

Story by Satoshi Oshio @sal_suberi and art by Miyama Hugin @omoiomoutori.  So, here’s a cheat, the cover’s not great, actually kind of weak, but sometimes publishers will also offer a sample page, and the sample page for this book looks awesome.  I love the pastel color scheme, but the page offers up so much information and so much mood in one short bit, I’m thinking it is worth a try.  #satoshioshio #hatsunemiku #miyamahugin #darkhorsecomics

Batman #28 (DC)

Absolutely brilliant use of colors
by Mikel Janin @mikeljanin, over
precise and delicate inks.

Great expression for both the
Riddler and the Joker.  Great
details. Smacks of a classic cover.
#batman #mikeljanin #joker


Aquaman #27 (DC)

I’m a pretty big Stjepan Sejic @stjepansejic fan.  I’m not sure there is anyone quite as good at blending a traditional style with the digital.  And I know he’s got a huge number of digital short cuts, but honestly it looks so nice, who cares.  And bonus if your dealer gets you the wrong cover it’ll be by Josh Middleton, so there’s a 100% chance it’ll be awesome too. I’ve included his #26 variant.  #aquaman #stjepansejic #joshmiddleton #dccomics

Aquaman #26 (DC)
Josh Middleton Variant
Super Sons #7 (DC)

Jorge Jimenez’s @jorgejimenezart cover’s strength is it’s dynamic layout, and all the characters facial expression reactions.  But totally solid design. #jorgejimenez #Teentitans #supersons

Green Lantern #28 (DC)

Again, not sure which cover
because it ships twice, booo,
but I think #28.  Boy, I’ll tell you
what, I really like this cover
because of Brad Walker’s
@iambradwalker anatomy it is
awesome, in a realistic sort of
way not a salacious way.
Very impressive.
#Greenlantern #BradWalker

 Shade the Changing Girl #11 (DC)Cover by Becky Cloonan @beckycloonan.  Absolutely brilliant floaty pose, great colors (as always) great design, somewhat quirky, heavily mysterious. Great sense of space. #beckycloonan #shadethechanginggirl Gotham Academy:
Second Semester #12 (DC)
Karl Kerschl @karlkerschl notches up another winner with this cover. Simple, subtle, emotionally evocative, well designed and rendered.
#karlkerschl #gothamacademy
Rocket Girl #8 (Image)

Yeah, c’mon, besides the fact that it is Amy Reeder @amyreeder, who is now, after only a short bit in the industry, as good as any master ever, this cover is so cool.  Simple, Eisneresque comic figures, the whole cover smacks of good natured fun, which is par for the book also. #rocketgirl #amyreeder #imagecomics @imagecomics

Savage Things #6 (Vertigo)

Savage Things #5 with cover by
John Paul Leon @johnpaulleon
If you’re not familiar with
John Paul Leon (Earth X,
Challengers of the Unknown),
you should acquaint yourself.
His art is heavy on the noirish
blacks, his covers are always
able to capture a distinct moment.
#savagethings #johnpaulleon

Mage: The Hero Denied #1 (Image)

The cover is average but worth noting that Matt Wagner returns to his roots in August with Mage: The Hero Denied.  Mage was a huge part of my adolescent comic book life.  I remember waiting for the brief prequel to Mage: the Hero Defined, with the Kelpie in the fountain.  Those books, their characters, and their twists still color what I define as s good book.  I’m hoping he’s got some surprises in store for us still. @imagecomics #Magetheherodenied
#imagecomics  #mattwagner

Extremity #6 (Image)

Hell yes to Extremity #6 by
Mike Spicer @spicercolor.
You can hear the unwritten,
barbaric yahoo in this cover.
Powerful, explosive, fun.


Amazing Spider-Man #31 (Marvel)

The Amazing Spider-man #31 cover by Alex Ross @thealexrossart is pretty cool even for an Alex Ross cover.  Hugely dynamic, you can feel the explosion practically…and see the hair on Peter’s arm. #amazingspiderman #marvelcomics

 Generations: Hawkeye #1
I’m in  for this slightly cartoony,
cross breed between Frank Cho
and Terry & Rachel Dodson,
which if you think about it sounds
like heaven, by Elizabeth Torque
@torquetweet. The line quality
and poses are a flawless
pleasure, emotive faces.
I hate when people give
preference to an artist because
they think it’s a novelty that they
are a woman, “Hey, isn’t that neat, she can draw pretty well.”
This cover, and her work to date,
is as competent as anything ever
put down on comic book page.
Elizabeth Torque’s variant for
Astonishing X-Men #2 is pretty
cool too.
 #elizabethtorque #hawkeye  #astonishingxmen
elizabethtorque2015.deviantart www.facebook/elizabethtorque
Totally Awesome Hulk #22 (Marvel)

I am going to give this one to Stonehouse, because I have never heard of Stonehouse, and I am thinking we will be hearing more from Stonehouse.  This has got a Mark Brooks feel, only with toned down, muted colors.  The foreground figs are okay, but the Wolverine/Hulk dude in the background…oh boy, powerful, precise, intense. @gregpak #totallyawesomehulk

Mighty Thor #22 (Marvel)

 Holy Sh*t!  Russell Dauterman @rdauterman, I’ve liked his stuff since he hit Mighty Thor, very clean, uncluttered, but this cover is something else.  For me this is the cover of the month.
The colors are fantastic.  It is so busy, it is amazing that Mr. Dauterman makes it as clear as it is.  Absolutely gorgeous. #mightythor #russelldauterman #unworthythor #generations

Spider-Gwen #23 (Marvel)

Kris Anka’s @kristaferanka cover hits on all cylinders. Color, anatomy, mood, layout.  Nice and meloncholly.
#krisanka  #spidergwen

Jean Grey #6 (Marvel)

See, this is what I was talking about last month about David Yardin @davidyardin.  What the hell?  Last month was a superbly rendered classic pen/ink comic cover. This month’s cover is a gorgeous, fully painted piece, but just as masterful.  He perfectly draws hard to draw extreme angles.  How multi-talented is this guy, and how cool is that?,
#jeangrey #davidyardin #generations

Baby Teeth #3 (After Shock)

Oh man that’s creepy.  But well drawn creepy. Garry Brown’s @garryboom stark, brush heavy, black and white cover (with splash of well textured red) of vampire baby is really good! @aftershockcomix #babyteeth #garrybrown #aftershockcomics

 Grimm Fairy Tales Dance of the Dead #1 (Zenoscope)

Shocking, it’s the main cover by Sean Chen that I like.  This cover is extremely detailed, but maintains a naturalistic feel.  The blacks and whites and areas of detailed are perfectly balanced. Yep. #danceofthedead #grimmfairytales @zenoscopecomics

Arya #1 (Antartic Press)

Story & Art by Sofia Davila @sofa_sofiaa & Minjun Chen.  High detail, quirky, mangaesque art.  Deft colors, subtle humor showing through. Look at that awesome shadow thrown by the umbrella.  All the simple things. I’m thinking it’s worth a try! #arya #antarticpress @antarcticpress #sofiadavila #Minjunchen

Hillbilly #10 (Albatross)

Not much needs to be said, but to look at it. Eric Powell  @goonguy.  Plus y’all should be supporting Mr. Powell’s Albatross venture, he is a distilled kernel of everything a comic book creator should be.  Oh and guess what, the cover for Galakitikon #1 by distilled kernel man pretty cool too. #albatrossfunnybooks #Hillbilly #galakikon #thegoon

Shadow #1 (Dynamite)

They tout it as Mike Kaluta’s first Dynamite cover and it is a doozy.  This is classic Kaluta in every way, great motion, tells a great story in a single image, the work of a total master.  Really.
#theshadow #mikekaluta @dynamitecomics

Zoohunters #4 (Aspen)

If you can get the David Finch @finchmeredith1 cover I think you will be very surprised and pleased.  Finch sets aside his heavy hash style for something bold and elegant, held together by a strong sense of color. #zoohunters #davidfinch #aspencomics

James Bond: Money Penny #1 (Dynamite)

Tula Lotay @tulalotay never ceases to amaze.  Ditching the usual swirly texture we have grown used to for a more weathered texture, the same great simplicity still shines through.  Her faces are so evocative with only a few subtle lines.  Nice polka dots on the dress too.
#jamesbond #moneypenny #tulalotay @dynamitecomics

Hi-Fi Fight Club #1 (Boom)

Nina Vakueva’s @sirpangur cover pops with personality, well designed and evenly colored.  It’s not easy to convey subtle emotions but she seems to have mastered it.  She is also the interior artist, so that bodes well for the book. #hififightclub #Boomstudios #ninavakueva @boomstudios

Jazz Maynard Volume 1 (Magnetic)

This is a really well drawn picture by Roger Ibanez . The pose, the depth, the brush quality, the colors, are all well advanced. I Liked this one so well I pre-ordered the first trade. His website: is gorgeous.  @magneticpress #jazzmaynard #rogeribanez

The  Black Flame Archives #6 (Devil’s Due)

Daniel Brereton @danbrereton_art is an acquired taste I’m told.  It is one I acquired early on.  First off, he’s distinct from anyone else out there (although he’s always reminded me in a slight pseudo-metaphorical way to Gene Colan).  His use of color and talent as a painter are at the highest level, his women sexy, but strong, not just eye candy. This cover is no exception.  If you are tempted, you should look up his Nocturnals, which in addition to his excellently stylized art also contains his deft story telling. #danbrereton #blackflame  @devilsdue #genecolan

Meanwhile… #7 (Soaring Penquin)

Very Dramatic, low angle cover full of menace by Mark Stafford.
#meanwhile  @spenguin

Baker Street Four Volume 2 (Insight)

Cleverly designed, Eisneresque style cover.  I mean really, David Etien’s covers and figures are reminiscent of the master.  Makes you wonder what his interiors are like, doesn’t it…?
Oh, turns out they are awesome! I ordered the first book and added this one to my pull list). #davidetien #backerstreetfour @insightcomics

Cloudia & Rex (Lion Forge)

Very cool cover by Daniel Irizarri @danielirizarri.  Look at the colors, and I love the expert use of deadline art.  Dead line for those of you who don’t know if a line that is the same width throughout, and opposed to like a brush line that comes to a tip, or can change weight throughout its length.  Weight for those of you who don’t know is the thickness of the line.

 This one just captures your imagination doesn’t it? Look at the little gold dog statue held by the creepy tentacle.  Eh, kind of
hard to see in that small picture,
guess you’ll have to go out and
get the first issue to really see it.#Cloudiaandrex,,, #lionsforgecomics
   XO Manowar #6 (Valiant)
Um.  Doug Braithwaite’s…
well let’s go back,
Doug Braithwaite
@dougbraithwaite has probably
flown under the radar for a lot
of folks.  I got lucky and found
his stuff early on in Universe X.
He was good the, and then got
better, and his line work is distinct and beautiful, and now there is this cover.  This is absolutely fantastic, like you’re sitting there with mr. grumpy pants. This is
Lee Bermejo level colors.
Guess what, Doug Braithwaite
does the interiors also…
#xomanowar @valiantcomics
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