Pullbox Previews: Civil War II – Gods of War #1

The world stands upon the brink of chaos. As friend stands against friend…which side with the world’s very first super hero land? Find out as Hercules storms the front lines in CIVIL WAR II: GODS OF WAR #1, coming to comic shops and digital devices this June! Writer Dan Abnett and artist Emilio Laiso bring Hercules directly into the conflict of the biggest comic event of the year. Could a God tip the scales in Captain Marvel or Iron Man’s favor?

“Herc is loyal”, says writer Dan Abnett in an interview with Marvel.com. “Picking a side for him is a simple thing. But when the sides aren’t good and evil, that troubles him. To him, a [Civil War II] kind of rift where heroes are in conflict with other heroes – he’s got friends on both sides, and friends or not, he recognizes them all as fellow heroes – is just plain wrong.”

As war grips the Marvel Universe, Hercules will ask himself – what role should a God play in the conflict of mortals? Is he responsible for a larger role in the potential destruction of the Marvel Universe? Or should he intervene and change history? Joined by fellow Gods Gilgamesh, Sigurd, Lorelei, Beowulf and Theseus – Hercules and his pantheon of ancient comrades charge headlong into battle. With the heart and soul of the Marvel Universe at stake – these immortal warriors could turn the tide for either team. But which side are they on?

The Gods march to war this June. Be there as the battle kicks off in CIVIL WAR II: GODS OF WAR #1!

Written by DAN ABNETT

Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (APR160882)

Variant Cover by JAY ANACLETO (APR160883)

Thor Character Variant by PHIL NOTO (APR160881)

FOC – 05/16/16, On-Sale – 06/08/16

Civil_War_Gods_of_War_1_Anacleto_Variant Civil_War_II_Gods_of_War_1_Cover Civil_War_II_Gods_of_War_1_Preview_1 Civil_War_II_Gods_of_War_1_Preview_2 Civil_War_II_Gods_of_War_1_Preview_3 Civil_War_II_Gods_of_War_1Noto_Thor_Variant

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