Pullbox Reviews: Super Human Resources Vol.2 – Funniest Book You Will Buy This Summer!

1a.jpgSuper Human Resources Volume 2 (Action Lab – Marcus / Zanker)

The sequel to the sold-out, indie hit is finally here. Welcome back to the HR department of the world’s greatest super team. Super Crises International has been infiltrated by sinister forces. And by sinister forces, we mean stupidity. Lots of stupidity. Cover by Justin Bleep. Variant by Gabriel Hardman (Hulk, Agents of Atlas, Invisible Republic.)

Several years ago, I came across Super Human Resources – what I still consider to be one of the funniest looks / spoofs of the superhero genre.  I was giddy with excitement (which is kinda scary for a large midwestern geek) to hear that SHR has been revived through Action Lab Comics with Volume two coming out in June.

SHR has all the goofy out-of-the-box humor of your favorite Cartoon network show with a dash of Adult Swim all wrapped together in a single package that is directed by writer and comic master of the subtle, Ken Marcus.  From the one-panel gags (broken zippers, wandering hands and a super villain that destroys executive bathrooms) to the ongoing rips at staple characters (Starfire, The Watcher and Thanos to name a few) – every page is either a chuckle or a guffaw.  There might be a few groaners, but there are no wasted opportunities.

Grade: A+

Bottom Line: This series is golden for both casual readers and hardcore fanboys – I challenge you to not like this book!

Go to your locally owned Independent Comic Shop or go online and order it today!


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