Pullbox Previews: Uncanny X-Men #6

This April, the secrets of Archangel will be revealed as Magneto and his team prepare for war. Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside UNCANNY X-MEN #6 –  the start of the Uncanny X-Men’s foray into Apocalypse Wars! Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Ken Lashley take you on a mission to save the life of one of the founding X-Men!


Years ago when Archangel first met Apocalypse, he was transformed into the homicidal Horseman of Death. Now, years later, it appears he may be again returning to that form. Psylocke has discovered a vacant, drone-like Archangel in the guise of Death once more. Fearing the worst, that her once lover is under the control of Apocalypse – she and the rest of the Uncanny X-Men embark on a mission to save Archangel’s life. But what they are about to uncover is far more horrifying than they could have imagined…


The quest for Archangel begins this April as Apocalypse Wars comes to UNCANNY X-MEN #6!


UNCANNY X-MEN #6 (FEB160897)

Written by CULLEN BUNN


Cover by GREG LAND

Connecting Variant B by KEN LASHLEY (FEB160898)

Classic Variant by WHILCE PORTACIO (FEB160899)

Story Thus Far Variant by GREG LAND (FEB160900)

FOC – 3/14/16, On-Sale – 4/06/16

Uncanny_X-Men_6_Cover Uncanny_X-Men_6_Land_Story_Thus_Far_Variant Uncanny_X-Men_6_Lashley_Connecting_Variant Uncanny_X-Men_6_Preview_1 Uncanny_X-Men_6_Preview_2 Uncanny_X-Men_6_Preview_3

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