Pullbox Reviews: Alabaster Shadows – an all-ages delight!

Alabaster Shadows
(W) Matt Gardner
(A/CA) Rashad Doucet

Oni Press

Available December 9, 2015

Carter Normandy knows there’s something weird about the neighborhood he and his family move into. Maybe it’s the physics-defying leak in the basement, or the way all the adults seem to look down on kids like they’re scum. With the help of his new friends, Carter discovers a whole other world alongside his seemingly normal community—a world filled with terrifying monsters. A world the adults of the community already know all about. Now it’s up to Carter and his friends to keep these monsters from crossing over into our world, or face the dire consequences!

A gorgeously illustrated all-ages mystery perfect for fans of Gravity Falls with just a hint of Lovecraftian horror.

Imagine you’ve moved to a new town where all the houses look the same and most of the adults seem to hate you. You see something weird in your basement, and your new friends at school seemed to have seen things just as weird. If you’re a kid in Alabaster Shadows, you HAVE to look into it, right?

Matt Gardner pens a mystery for all-ages that is just delightful. The kids are respectful of their elders, but not completely obediant. While some of the adults know what is going on and some don’t, none of them are the buffoons that some all-ages tales employ. He never talks down to his readers, which is more the norm than the exception these days.

The art by Rashad Doucet is colorful and fun, giving all the characters personality and making the scarey parts really scarey. The places where a kid should be filled with wonder is a rainbow of fun.

A great start to a continuing mystery – can’t wait for volume two!

Alabaster Shadows cover

Alabaster Shadows pg 6 Alabaster Shadows pg 7

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