Pullbox Reviews: Assassin’s Creed #2 – The Plot Thickens

AC2.jpg.size-600Assassin’s Creed #2 (Titan Comics: Del Col / McCreery / Edwards / Nunes)

“Events in Salem turn terrifying as Assassin Tom Stoddard faces the townspeople’s rising hysteria while they bay for the blood of supposed witches. Viewing his memories, Charlotte witnesses how deep the feud with the Templars goes — and how brutal the choices to be made in her new life will be!”

This particular issue is big on plot and light on action.

That’s not a bad thing, mind you. If all we have is non-stop action with no plot, then we’d all be reading comics by Michael Bay. His explosions are great, but Shakespeare he ain’t. He’s barley William Shatner.

Our quickly beloved Charlotte is seeing history through the eyes of Tom Stoddard, her ancestor during the Salem Witch Trials. In true Assassin’s Creed style, writers Anthony Del Cor and Conor McCreery are bringing in actual figures from history to tell their story. This is expected in Assassin’s Creed, but if this is your first foray into this world (and shame on you) then it’s a nice hook to bring you in. While I wouldn’t call this issue dialog heavy, it did seem like there was more to read than the first issue, Again, not a bad thing, because these guys are pretty good at what they do.

Neil Edwards and Ivan Nunes are keeping up their end of the project as well. The art is solid and they make their characters just the right amount realism vs. cartoon.  They keep what action there is in this issue dynamic and compelling.

Bottom Line: We’re still in issue number two, which means we’re still in introduction phase. The Witch Trials are an interesting time and place for this story. I can’t wait to see what they do.

Grade: B

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