Pullbox Reviews: Resurrectionists #2- The past is just the prologue…

Res 2Resurrectionists #2 (Dark Horse – Van Lente / Rosenzweig / Dinisio / Doe)

New ongoing series!
Jericho Way is a Resurrectionist, a unique person who can unlock the memories and abilities of his past lives. The architect-turned-thief is on the verge of sparking the connection to his own history with the help of an enlightened Resurrectionist called the Scout, but time is short. The evil Sojourn corporation is wise to their actions and will stop at nothing to destroy their plans to complete a heist three thousand years in the making.

Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, there are way too many things out there that we don’t understand for us to write anything off. So think about that for a second… you’re walking along, minding your own business, when you’re hit right between the eyes by flashes of your life as an architect in ancient Egypt. People you know you’ve never met are as familiar to you as your closest friend. Muscle memory has you doing things that you know there’s no way you’ve ever done or seen.

The life of a Resurrectionist probably gets pretty confusing. Master thief, Jericho Way, is right on the cusp of unlocking his past life. Or lives… Egypt was a long time ago. To complicate things, factions are coming out of the woodwork to take advantage of the skills his past life carries with it. Caught in the middle is no place to be, and I have the feeling that once his worlds come together, Jericho won’t hang around the crosshairs for long.

This is a great title for anyone who likes a good heist story. It’s got an interesting premise, and complex characters that aren’t laid out like an open book for the read, but are peeled open layer by layer. We’re able to discover what makes Jericho Way tick at pretty much the same pace he discovers his unique status as a Resurrectionist. Every good story is an adventure of discovery… The great ones are the stories where the character is making the discoveries along with the reader.

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