Pullbox Reviews: Vampirella (Vol 2) #4

TNVampiVol204CovDodsonVampirella (Vol 2) #4 (Dynamite Entertainment – Collins / Berkenkotter)

In a desperate attempt to fight Lady Umbra’s growing control over her mind and body, Vampirella and her unlikely new ally, Lord Drago, take a jaunt to the Mediterranean. There, on the Greek island of Lamos, famous for its unspoiled beaches and friendly natives, they search for the most ancient species of vampire in the world: the dreaded lamia of legend. But can Vampirella locate and slay the seductive half-serpent before her heart falls into shadow?

Vampirella vol 2, issue 4

So I said to myself, “self, you should find some good old fashioned campy fun.”

Vampirella has always been a fan favorite, probably for a number of reasons… She’s generally very well, uh… drawn, and she usually brings along a ton of gratuitous, um… violence.  Are you looking for a deeply twisted and thickly layered plot? Move along, nothing to see here. Are you looking for socially redeeming messages, meant to uplift and elevate? Nope, sorry. Maybe you should be reading National Geographic.

Are you interested in read a book with good artwork, some snappy writing, and enough character development to keep things from diving too far into total schlock? This might just be the book for you.  The issue opens on an idyllic beach scene on an island off the coast of Greece. We meet Mitchell, a down in the dumps tourist looking for some relief from his depression. All of the happy couples on the main beach aren’t doing it for him, so he finds a more secluded spot. Bad idea, Mitch. The scene ends  as Mitch becomes the next in a long line of meals for the dreaded Lamia, a rare and ancient vampiric breed.

Now comes Vampirella, on a quest to rid herself of the growing influence of Umbra, Our Lady of Shadows and the Bride of the Apocalypse. Her travels involve the killing of rare and ancient vampires, and the drinking of their blood. Seeing the theme here? Vampi’s drained the first vamp on her list, and is on the prowl for some Greek food. She’s joined on her hunt by the Nosgeratu vampire, Drago, who appears to be acting as her advisor more than friend.

Overall, I like the book. I’ve been reading Vampirella, off and on, since her days way back in her title by Warren publishing. In her current incarnation under Dynamite, Vampirella is a reluctant killer of humans, battling evil with style, grace, and an abundant supply of witty banter.

I give it a good A- for the nostalgia and energetic application of what sells books… gore, gore, skimpy outfits, and gore.

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