Dark Avengers #10 – a Return of a Classic Villian!

Dark Avengers #10 (Marvel – Bendis / Deodato)

Oh hey, you know how Norman Osborn was once the Green Goblin but he got it under control and now he’s one of the most powerful people in the free world? Oh, and you know that whole thing about him being a ticking time bomb who could snap at any minute? Yeah… you might want to check this issue out. The smash hit of the year continues!!

So, for the better part of a year I have been following Dark Avengers with a pretty good attitude.  It had a great start and to me this series seems to be the backbone of the whole Dark Reign event.  The last two issues have been a tad weaker (X-men cross-over and Secret Warrior cross-over), so I was hoping for something good here… and I got it!

The issue opens with some more minor details moving forward in the overall plot line, some of the line of inner-team relationships getting more and more tangled… and Osborne, after hiding out for days alone in his room, is refusing to take off the Patriot armor (Goblin alert!).  But these in and of themselves are not the big reveal that issue #10 offers!

Issue Grade: A

Spoilers below!

It turns out that the daughter of a high ranking governement officer has disappeared in the middle of the nowhereville in the boon docks.  Osborne and the Avengers are called in as a personal favor to find her.  They send in the Sentry who is immediately taken out by an unknown force.  Osborne knows it bad then.  When the rest of the team shows up, they are awestruck with what they see (the reader doesn’t see it) and Osborne himself is teleported away to a very hellish looking place.  Sitting on a throne in front of him is none other the Molecule Man (last seen escaping from the Raft – New Avnegers #1 like five years ago ).  He was always one of Marvel’s toughest baddies, and back during the Fantastic Four run in the 90’s  (mostly really bad stuff!) he broke down some mental blocks and his power also now his almost omnipotent abilities can impact living things.

And around his throne ready to throw down is the Beyonder, Mephisto, Zarathos, and the Enchantress… actually pretty dang cool!  Bendis is pulling his magic tricks again and the fanboys cheer!

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Updated: December 7, 2010 — 8:38 am

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