Image United!… So What?!?

I know that the Savage Dragon has a core following and people fondly remember the original Spawn and Witchblade, but are there really fanboys calling out for Shadowhawk? Young Blood?

Come on, Image has some great properties like Proof, Perhapanauts, Chew and Invincible.  Where are those cross-over projects?  This is nothing more than a vanity book for characters that for the  most part fans fell out of love with in the 90’s.

And yes, for those of you wondering… this is yet another opportunity for me to rant about any project involving the one trick pony, Emperor Dork Rob Liefeld – he got promoted from King Dork simply by not being able to show any new growth as an artist in at least ten years.  Check out our thoughts about him at The Dork List!

below is the description and info on Image United.

From the Wikisite – Image United is an upcoming 2009 six-issue comic book limited series. Image Comics. Art for the series will be done by six of the seven Image co-founders (Jim Lee having left for DC Comics) Whilce Portacio, Jim Valentino, Marc Silvestri, Rob Liefeld, Erik Larsen and Todd McFarlane, with each artist drawing the characters he created. The series will be written by Image partner Robert Kirkman. Published by Image United will be a crossover event featuring the characters created by the six remaining founders including Youngblood, Spawn, Savage Dragon, Pitt, Shadowhawk, Witchblade, Cyberforce, and The Darkness. Whilce Portacio, whose sole Image Comics creation Wetworks is owned by Wildstorm, will be creating a new character for the series. The villain has been revealed as the original Spawn, Al Simmons.

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Updated: October 23, 2009 — 11:02 am

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