Grimm Fairy Tales Halloween Special!

Grimm Fairy Tales Halloween Special (Zenescope – Gregory / Spay / Deshong / Sepulveda / Ross / Rosenberg)

The first ever Grimm Halloween special is here as the classic story of The Monkey’s Paw is retold with the terrifying Zenescope twists that you love!
When a nice guy named Sal is given a mysterious gift in the form of a monkey’s paw and told that it contains the power to turn wishes into realities he soon finds that his dream can just as easily turn into a complete nightmare.

This classic gothic tale update takes place firmly in the Zene-verse and is well-told with all the horror of the original classic.  The beautiful, overly-curvature art and the fantastic story-telling that are Zenescope hallmarks are both present.  The only issue I had with this issue is the cover price of $5.99.  In today’s market that a hard sell.  Great book but hard sell.

Issue grade A- brought down to a B becasue of the price.

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Updated: October 27, 2009 — 1:27 pm

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