The Last Defenders Trade

At long last, the team book you’ve been waiting for! The return of the Defenders! (No trademark infringement here!) And look who’s on the team: The mutant Colossus! The sensational She-Hulk! The unpredicatable Blazing Skull! An all-new lineup led by the enigmatic Nighthawk! Injected into the heart of the modern Marvel Universe, the Defenders have been reformed to serve a specific political purpose — but is there a greater destiny in store for this crew? It’s hi-octane superheroics mainlined right into your fanboy brain! Collecting THE LAST DEFENDERS #1-6. $15.99

This story carried much further than I ever thought it would. It was one of those underrated and under-marketed series that Marvel sneaks through in-between invasions. Not only do you get fun art and a great storyline (which is more enriched the more history you know about the MU), but it sets up what might be the best team hero book of ’09!

This comes out on November 5th and should be on your fanboy Christmas list!

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:11 pm

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