The War That Time Forgot #5

The War That Time Forgot #5 (DC – Jones / Barrionuevo / Palmiotti )

As the mystery deepens, Lt. Carson – late of WWII – and Akisha – the strange woman from Earth’s future – forge a bond against the lunacy of their prehistoric surroundings, which have become ever crazier with the revival of G.I. Robot!

There are a couple things to really love about this book. First is the exploration of the rich history of the non-superhero books from the DCU. Being a life-long geek, I found some great easter eggs in this series as it relates to older and more obscure characters. Bruce Jones does a great job on the personal interactions in the “fish out of water” situations.  How does a viking and a Japanese WWII soldier interact?  I’m still hoping we get to see Sgt. Rock and/or the Haunted Tank by the time the series comes to a close. The second thing that would bring you into this series is the pure intrigue of the plot. To say this is a “Lost” storyline would be a complete understatement.

All of these soldiers are brought from all over history (and the future) by an unknown source to a prehistoric island where technology ceases to work and there are no language barriers?.Any Sci-fi fan will be all over that! Even with the history and the immediate hook being a selling point on the book, as a bonus you have the art. GORGEOUS! This book to look at is brilliant! Al Barrionuevo and Jimmy Palmiotti are definitely carrying their weight for the book.

The things that make someone want to read this or jump into a show like Lost, Heroes, Fringe, Battlestar Galactica or “insert your own sci-fi serial” here are the same things that work as a barrier to keep new readers or viewers out… complex plot with tons of minutia, a complete cast list and some big mystery that you get little, tiny peeks at.  TWTTF is probably not for anyone, but will work for the high-functioning fan. 🙂

As a side note, shame on DC for not promoting this book more… headlining talent on a solid book should be getting more PR than Jimmy Olsen reprints!

Issue Grade: B+

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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