House of Mystery #6

House of Mystery #6 (Vertigo – Sturges / Willingham / Akins)

Every haunted house has a scary basement, sure. But this is the House of Mystery – this is the basement the other basements are scared of. And yes, we’re going down there. And we’re going to stay awhile.

Meanwhile, Pirate Queen Ann Preston stars in a bloody symphony of lust, greed, desire and deception that begins with buried treasure and ends with buried bodies. Hit the high seas in a swashbuckling tale illustrated by Tony Akins (JACK OF FABLES). This issue also features a free preview of the new monthly series THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER!

This is a huge turnaround for this series! I think the potential of the setting and book is finally being tapped! The last story arc, while I understand had to take some time to introduce characters and give the set-up, still had some major holes. Complete pieces of the plot that were left untouched and seemingly disregarded. With that being said, the continuous intriguingly narration of the tavern regulars and the fact that the majority of the self-contained stories were solid, kept me coming back to the House of Mystery!

Love Stories for Dead People has you glued from page one. The “origin” story of Anne is maybe the best self-contained yet. I felt for and feared her at the same time… what more do you want from a psychopathic Priate queen ? 🙂 We get a little bit more back story on Fig and the ongoing story and the new attempt to escape the house makes this series a no-brainer.  I’m glad to see that DC, albeit it a year or two later than some independents, is catching on to the fact that the modern comic reader would love to see some great horror fiction.

Issue Grade: A

Series Grade: B+

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Updated: October 13, 2008 — 4:43 pm

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