MCCC – “In The Beginning…”

We have completed our journey, and ThePullbox has made it glorious Novi, MI to take in and embrace the Motor City Comic Convention.  They say getting there is half the fun. Well, whoever “they” is, probably didn’t have to deal with Chicago traffic and / or construction.  That being said, it was a pretty smooth trip… except for a few wayward deer on the road.  Greg, who was driving, got in touch with his inner-mongoose, did some expert swerving and saved both of our families a big hassle.  If you are playing the at-home version of our game, please add 1 to Greg’s dexterity score.

By the time we checked in at the Crowne Plaza, got our stuff to the room, took account of the time difference and watched a little bit of Braveheart (it was on, we had to watch some of it, man-law y’know) it was 4 AM.  About four hours later, I got some z’s and now I am revved for the con to start up… we will be letting you know how the MCCC is rocking with updates regularly.

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Updated: May 16, 2008 — 6:51 am

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