Abyss #4


My short summary: In order to stop the bad guys, our heroes suit up and head to the world largest comic book convention (i.e. Comic Con) for a final throw down.

A four month wait for issue #4?? I have to say that I’ve immensely enjoyed Abyss in it’s 4 issue run, but I’m not sure issue #4 has been worth the wait since this last issue is very rushed to get thought the story. On the up side, the ending leaves the story wide open for a sequel.

The art is very solid, but I found the story to be anti-climatic. I really loved this book in the beginning, but it started to fade at issue #3. I recommend picking it up as a trade because the humor and the art are worth it. Plus, I think that reading it all at once will make everything gel nicely, like Jell-O with bits of fruity goodness.

Grade: B

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Updated: May 16, 2008 — 8:34 am

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