The Man With No Name: The Good, the Bad, the Uglier #1

The Man With No Name: The Good, The Bad, The Uglier #1 (Dynamite – Gage / Dias)

The all-new comic book adventures of the Man with No Name continues from writer Christos Gage and artist Wellington Dias! The Man is scoping out the Mission as he fights to get inside to honor his pledge and aid Father Ramirez – who also just happens to be Tuco’s brother! Featuring series covers by Richard (Dark Tower) Isanove!

The return of the Man With No Name, as made famous by Clint Eastwood returns in comic form with a bang! I’ve never been a huge fan of the western comics, but I’ve always been intrigued by this character and decided to give this book a shot (pun intended). I’m really glad I did. This book has action, suspense, and mystery all layered on a bounty hunter sandwich. The kicker is the creators take that sandwich rub some dirt in it for the western feel, then shoot it full of holes. But ya’know what, it still tastes good.

Grade: B+

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Updated: May 15, 2008 — 6:56 am

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