Teen Titans #57

Teen Titans #57 ( DC / McKeever / Barrows / Hunter )

As Clock King continues his campaign against the Teen Titans, Ravager struggles with her reasons for being on the team, what sort of woman she’s meant to become…and a super villain attack on Titans Tower!

I know what kind of woman she is… the ass kicking kind! I think this is the first issue where we’ve seen Rose really carry the issue on her own, and I enjoyed it much more that I thought I would. For much of the time Rose has been a part of the team, I found myself wondering, “what is her roll going to be?” Well, if she keeps this up, she’s the team muscle which has been missing since Superboy died.

Sean McKeever has been showing his ability to write good characters since he came on to Teen Titans, but has not been given much of a chance to write a big action issue. This is it! As an extra special treat, we get a big reveal about Rose that may not only give us a info about her but maybe about father, Slade, as well.

Issue Grade: A+

Series Grade: A

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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