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Pullbox Reviews: Mirka Andolfo plays a little What If? in the Buffyverse!

There are two types of people in the world: those who are Buffy fans, and those who obviously need lots of counseling. Mirka Andolfo sits comfortably in the first category and gets to spend some time playing in Joss Whedon’s sandbox before she launches her new ongoing Red Sonja title for Dynamite later this year. And clearly, she had a whole lot of fun doing it. The characters read exactly as they do in the series and previous books, their voices as crystal clear as if Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, Anthony Head and Nicholas Brendon were in the room. And the storytelling device she works up for this very entertaining one-shot is highly effective. (11/13)

Pullbox Reviews: The She-Devil With a Sword Slices Her Way Through Cupid’s Heart!

Do NOT read this one if you’re looking for hard core, grit and blood Sonja, and need things to fit nice and neat into her (let’s face it) ridiculously meandering timeline. DO read this if you love the character and her universe, have a sense of humor, or just like watching an all-powerful manly-man completely stuffed with himself wizard get his comeuppance. (12.5/13)

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