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Pulbox Interview: Lily Chats with Drew Morrison

With the final Brokenland Kickstarter in full swing, what better time to sit down with artist Drew Morrison?  For those new to his work, Morrison is the self-published creator of the wordless comic series, Brokenland. Readers follow Meeso, a curious creature wandering throughout their polluted world, on a journey of self-exploration and wonder. Along the […]

Kickstarter Preview: Brokenland #4/Volume 1— “Never Been a Better Time to Jump Right in!”

Drew Morrison is back with the highly anticipated epic conclusion to his wordless comic, Brokenland. I’ve had the opportunity to cover the releases for the past few years, and whether you’re a new fan or are obsessed with it as I am, you’ll love the final installment in Meeso’s story.  In addition to #4, Morrison […]

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