Pullbox Previews The Fabled Offering, sci-fi fantasy one shot, fully funded through Kickstarter & IGG

The Fabled Offering now beckons you…

The Fabled Offering is a 46-page sci-fi fantasy one-shot epic about a lone princess on a harrowing quest to save herself and her kingdom from her own past trauma. Attempting to reach the peak of Gefyra Mountain while carrying her unborn child, Grand Princess Aurelia of Talendius will stop at nothing to meet The Ancient Cizin aboard their starship, the Idis. Will Cizin accept her offering?

The Fabled Offering was made for fans of science fiction and fantasy properties such as: 

  • Star Wars
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Seven to Eternity
  • Dune
  • Dungeons & Dragons

Born from my lifelong passion of science fiction and fantasy, The Fabled Offering is everything I (Nandor Fox Shaffer) want from both genres in one complete story. Myself, artist Marco Roblin, and letterer DC Hopkins hope to bring you a mature tale about trauma, sacrifice, and the power of choice in the face of fate and destiny. And the best part? The book is nearly 100% completed with only a handful of pages left to color and the final lettering!

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