S.I.R. – A new series from Fell Hound and BOOM! Box… Two Words: Motorcycle Jousting!

Continuing the celebration of the 10th Year Anniversary for the award winning BOOM! Box imprint, BOOM! Studios is proud to bring S.I.R. to shelves this summer! Ringo Award-nominated indie darling cartoonist Fell Hound (Commander Rao) brings an over the top sports and battle anime-coded series that is not one to miss!

Get ready for your new obsession…MOTORCYCLE JOUSTING!

Fate brutally separated Avery Sakai from her girlfriend Nico Xing, but acceptance to the Bridleham Academy might be just the thing to bring them back together. But shockingly, Nico’s extracurriculars are the last thing Avery expected from her.

Now, to win a second chance at love, Avery will need to throw herself into the violent but captivating world of the underground motorcycle jousting fight club known only as SEISMIC IRONCLASH ROULETTE!

“My favorite genre on the planet is romantic dueling in the likes of Revolutionary Girl Utena and Gundam: The Witch from Mercury. So naturally that manifests itself into re-imagining Fight Club as a 90s shojo anime on motorbikes!” said series creator, Fell Hound. “S.I.R. is a story about fighting for true love in the motorcycle combat ring, while fending off your inner demons with the blazing headlights of genuine human connection. I’m so excited to be working with Ele, Becca, and Elizabeth to bring this book to life!”

S.I.R. #1 features main cover art by Fell Hound and variants by Alessio Zonno (I Heart Skull-Crusher!) and Paulina Ganucheau (Zodiac Starforce).

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