Pullbox Previews Casket Girls, a steampunk novelette now live on Kickstarter

The Casket Girls is a Steampunk novelette (190+ pages including illustrations) set in the Association of Ishtar universe; an alternate 19th century where anomalies called rifts are opening up all over the world. Most of these are harmless portals to alternate variations of Earth. But some are gateways for alien creatures called wyrd beasts

Whenever the local authorities can’t contain these anomalies, penal battalions are sent in to terminate the threat with the help of automatons piloted by the casket girls. Female convicts fighting for their freedom.

The crowdfunding campaign, lasting until April 17 offers special editions of the book, posters with illustrations by Yohan Alexander, and 3D printable characters [by Maxim Zazulak – ZMIY Studios] for your sculpture or tabletop collection, including a Steampunk Robot and its pilot.


  • Any fans of Battletech, Lady Mechanica, Warhammer 40K, Pulp, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Cyberpunk or Gaslamp Fantasy.
  • People who read paranormal, mystery, war fiction, and/or alternate history
  • If you enjoy an ensemble cast living through missions against various alien lifeforms set inside an alternate 19th century, then this novelette might be for you.  
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