Kickstarter Spotlight on Gods Among Men #1- Live & fully funded in the first hour, for fans of true-crime stories

One man’s dire bid to save his restaurant and provide a better life for his family, takes him on a descent into the criminal realm. A journey that reveals the familiar world of the mundane and the ethereal nature of the narcotic world, really aren’t so different after all.

Back in February, we previewed a title called Gods Among Men. Scheduled to hit Kickstarter at the start of April, the campaign is live & off to a very strong start! I heard from co-creator Aaron Mak this morning, and he asked if we could put something up to build on that successful opening day.

An unprecedented narco-noir; a socially disruptive true story.

Jason Lee is an innovative and determined man; an idealist with dreams, doused in ambition; a survivalist who makes opportunity out of times of crisis.

He finds himself sitting on top of a failing food business, despite being sold the notion that doing everything by the book pays off. For a man who refuses to accept failure, with more than just himself to look after, desperate times, truly call for desperate measures.

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