Dynamite invites readers to celebrate 40 years of the Terminator!

History will repeat itself! Dynamite announces a special new limited-time project to offer classic Terminator comics to fans in deluxe collections across multiple formats, covering a full decade of classic stories! The books can be secured now on BackerKit!

James Cameron’s iconic The Terminator released in 1984 and kicked off a whole new era of action blockbuster films. With Arnold Schwarzenegger at the helm, packing classic one-liners in abundance, and a brilliant science fiction mythos, it was a hit with moviegoers all over. Many wanted even more from this intriguing world, with film sequels and other media following. Terminator was one of the biggest licensed comics franchises of the 1990s — and Dynamite is excited to bring all these tales back into print and in a stellar way!

“We couldn’t be prouder of this partnership done in collaboration with our agent Creative Licensing, the amazing storyline and wonderful artworks by Dynamite are the perfect way to kickstart the franchise´s upcoming anniversary” says Valérie Rolandez-Barrios, STUDIOCANAL’s Senior VP IP Licensing and Partnerships.

The Terminator 40th Anniversary
 comics celebration features three volumes collecting hard-to-find comics from the franchise. A historic first, the contents are being sequenced in chronological order this time, for a truly unique presentation and reading experience that franchise fans will appreciate. This chronology was assisted by prominent and active members of the fanbase. Each book is available as a paperback or hardcover. For the diehard Skynet resistance fighters, an ultra-deluxe edition of the set is available with a stunning faux metal texture and appearance on hardcovers. Signed options will also be available.

The first and second volumes in this set are loaded with comics from top creators and major moments in The Terminator legacy. Across well over 700 pages, these books cover nearly the entire decade of the 1990s and include every Terminator story originally published by Dark Horse Comics in that era.

Volume one kicks off with a special one-shot written and drawn by two all-time legends with James Robinson (Starman, JSA) and Matt Wagner (Grendel, Batman). A Terminator is sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor following her wedding, but is prevented by a fighter sent back by her own son John. It’s followed by the 1990 series originally just called Terminator, but later known by its story subtitle “Tempest.” This is an early quest to prevent the creation of the Terminators, chronicled by a powerhouse classic team of 1980s and 90s Dark Horse in John Arcudi (The Mask, B.P.R.D.) and Chris Warner (Predator, Barb Wire). Robinson returns for the miniseries Secondary Objectives, alongside beloved artist Paul Gulacy (Master of Kung Fu), a perfect fit for the machines of the franchise. Then Ian Edginton and Vince Giarrano continue the ongoing narrative in The Enemy Within — plus gorgeous covers by Simon Bisley!

The second volume in this set features several additional story arcs. James Robinson is back for Endgame, joined by Butch Guice, as the last Terminator comes to the present. Batman and Judge Dredd legend Alan Grant comes in for another special and the 1998 miniseries known as “Death Valley” alongside Guy Davis, Steve Pugh, and a memorable cover from Geof Darrow. The decade’s last Terminator tale fits here with The Dark Years by Grant and Mel Rubi, sporting covers by Jae Lee. Then Hunters and Killers sports an all-star cast of contributors including Adam Warren, Chris Warner, Toren Smith, and Bill Jaaska. Last but certainly not least is the rare “Suicide Run” story from Dark Horse Presents #138 by Grant and the unique stylings of Frank Teran.

The last book in the set compiles one of the most historic and heralded Terminator stories ever. The five-issue The Burning Earth was originally published in 1990 by Now Comics. Ron Fortier writes this saga of John Connor’s war in the future and key lore behind the Terminators. But a huge highlight here is the first ever published artwork by superstar Alex Ross. The Kingdom Come, Marvels, and Fantastic Four: Full Circle creator’s stunning painted interior artwork starts here! Fans can experience the early stages of his already impressive style, and a major breakout in the art of painted comic books.

Fans can get the complete set together in their preferred format for a great combo deal, and make sure their copies are in the first batch after the BackerKit campaign closes. Dynamite will have even more exciting updates and peeks inside the books on the project’s page, social media, comics press, and beyond!


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