Cover Blitz: ThunderCats #3 – The Return of Snarf!

Dynamite and the creative team of ThunderCats are excited to announce the coming return of the beloved character Snarf to the smash hit new comic book series!
Snarf is Lion-O’s devoted childhood pet, the quadruped beast cannot speak, but has a doting and special connection with his companion who seems to understand him better than others. He gets his name from his trademark noises.

Though teased a little bit on the industry-shaping stunning cover to issue #1 by superstar David Nakayama, ThunderCats #3 will be the first official in-story appearance of this exciting addition to the cast in this new continuity. Writer Declan Shalvey and artist Drew Moss are excited to present their vision of this classic character.

In addition to the appearance within, the third issue will be offered with a limited variant cover at “Final Order Cutoff” drawn by Moss prominently featuring his design of Snarf alongside Lion-O.

Veteran ThunderCats fans may be familiar with other approaches to the character. Dynamite can tease fans to stay tuned, as everything may not be as it seems on the surface… Pretty soon some mysterious developments may happen with Snarf, and no fan should miss out!

This news follows the exciting first ever appearance across any media of Calica in ThunderCats #2. The hype for the story continues to grow, with a massive 180,000 copies sold on the first issue, a second printing, and a strong 82,000 copies initially sold for the follow up second issue. It’s not too late for readers to jump in on the new era and tale of the ThunderCats by Shalvey and Moss!

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