Pullbox Previews CPS (Child Possession Services): Possessed and Confused- Cheeky supernatural fun, now live on Kickstarter

Child Possession Services: Possessed and Confused.

Recap: The world has seen a rise in spiritual possessions over the last few decades. In response, the American government has outlawed any possession of minors and created state and federal programs to combat this threat to our safety. C.P.S. (Child Possession Services) is one such program. Constance Dhar is one such disgruntled employee. Connie works for the state division assigned to help bedeviled children remove unwanted spirits and recover. When a series of truly strange possessions begin popping up, Connie will have to decide if she cares about anything other than the bottom of a bottle and her betta fish. 

CPS: PnC, has Connie caught in the middle of the “legalize it” debate, as the town is heated over whether or not to decriminalize demonic possessions. She is dealing with the events of CPS(2021) and trying to salvage any relationships she can with the help of her only ally left. 

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