Cover Blitz: Deadpool #1

 Just in time for his highly anticipated return to the big screen this year, Marvel’s most iconic mercenary will headline a brand-new solo ongoing comic book series this April!

DEADPOOL #1 will be written by Cody Ziglar, known for his acclaimed work on Miles Morales: Spider-Man, and drawn by Rogê Antônio, the artist behind some of Venom and Carnage’s bloodiest recent adventures. Together, they’ll take readers and Wade guns blazing into a new age packed with Deadpool’s specific brand of violence and lunacy, along with a heavy dose of deadly family drama. As he confronts a brand-new archenemy named Death Grip—who may very well live up to his name—Wade will also reunite with his daughter Ellie. It’s the father/daughter duo the Marvel Universe isn’t ready for… and if Death Grip has his way, it’ll only lead to heartbreak!

Right now, fans can see the full arsenal of DEADPOOL #1’s variant covers including explosive new pieces by superstar artists like Ryan Stegman, Javier Garrón, Jan Bazaldua, and Deadpool creator, Rob Liefeld!

“Wade’s been one of my favorite characters since I first got into super hero comics, so being asked to helm a Deadpool series was a dream come true,” Ziglar said. “I look forward to diving into and exploring Wade’s family (found or otherwise), his unique approach to being a (mostly) unkillable mercenary, as well see what kinda of whackos they bring into his orbit.”

Check out all the covers now and preorder DEADPOOL #1 at your local comic shop today! For more information, visit

DEADPOOL #1 – 75960620897500111

Written by CODY ZIGLAR


Foil Variant Cover by INHYUK LEE – 75960620897500121
Variant Cover by ROB LIEFELD – 75960620897500181

Variant Cover by RYAN STEGMAN – 75960620897500117

Variant Cover by MIGUEL MERCADO – 75960620897500151

Virgin Variant Cover by MIGUEL MERCADO– 75960620897500116

Vampire Variant Cover by JAVIER GARRÒN – 75960620897500131

Saturday Morning Connecting Cover by SEAN GALLOWAY – 75960620897500161

Stormbreakers Variant Cover by JAN BAZALDUA – 75960620897500171

Micronauts Variant Cover by PETE WOODS – 75960620897500191

Blank Variant Cover – 75960620897500141

On Sale 4/3

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