Pullbox Previews Hunt. Kill. Repeat. vol 1- No Gods. No Masters. Only Revenge, from Mad Cave Studios

  • Hunt. Kill. Repeat
  • Author(s): Mark London
  • Artist(s): Francesco Archidiacono, Marc Deering
  • Colorist(s): Lee Loughridge
  • Cover Artist(s): Ryan Kincaid
  • Letterer: Rus Wooton

It’s Kill Bill meets Clash of the Titans in Hunt. Kill. Repeat. (issue 1 reviewed here) the all-new, action packed series by Mark London (Battlecats, Knights of the Golden Sun). When the Greek gods invade Earth, society is quickly forced to comply with their new rulers.

However, one god, Artemis, rejects her brethren’s ideology and has found solace in the love of a mortal. When she is called to Olympus to answer for her betrayal, the gods strip away her godly powers and leave her for dead. Now, ten years later, Artemis is on a quest for revenge to confront her father, Zeus, for taking away everything she ever loved.

Hunt. Kill. Repeat. is an all-new original series by Mark London (Battlecats, Knights of the Golden Sun) with art by the dynamic Francesco Archidiacono, colors by all-star Lee Loughridge (Deadly Class, The Good Asian), letters by Rus Wooton and covers by Ryan Kincaid.

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