Jennifer Blood puts the “Die” in Diary

The one and only Jennifer Blood returns for an all-new tale of extralegal killing and ruthless vigilantism this December from ongoing writer Fred Van Lente!
The iconic suburban housewife turned brutal crusader against crime created by author extraordinaire Garth Ennis is back from the grave once more and she’s setting her sights on a new dangerous target, vicious neo-Nazi prison gangs.

Writer Fred Van Lente (DIE!namite, Incredible Hercules) continues his epic chronicles of Dynamite’s top gunslinging force of vengeance following the grisly events of “Bloodlines” where she took down swaths of mafia made men. Van Lente is reunited with artist Robert Carey following their collaboration on the Jennifer Blood Presents… Giulietta Romeo: Hitwoman special.

“She’s a vigilante who cares more about killing any criminal she happens to come across than her own life,” said writer Fred Van Lente. “As a character she’s a live hand grenade you just lob in the middle of any situation and it instantly becomes dramatic. It’s hard not to get the blood pumping when you have such a limitless possibility of stories like that. I’m just thrilled the readers are responding too, and keep us coming back out for encores. What’s not to love?”

The modern Jennifer Blood is the daughter of the original, Jennifer Blute, created by Garth Ennis, her daughter Alice all grown up and taking on her mantle of cleaning the streets of bad actors and up against the whole world for the life she was cursed with. At the end of her last adventure, the new Blood was once again presumed dead in action, the one-woman army believed buried. That’s always her master plan though, but it’s torn to pieces when she decides to visit her mother’s original penitentiary gravesite.

This time Jennifer Blood will find herself under the aim of America’s white supremacist groups, prolific in and out of the prison system. Nothing is ever simple with Blood involved though, so she finds herself stuck between two rival factions, the Volk and Crooked Cross. With fake, testy alliances and playing both sides, this can only end up with one outcome… Blood, and lots of dead Nazis.

The new series Battle Diary features covers by Joseph Michael Linsner, Lesley “Leirix” Li, and Rebeca Puebla.

Its first issue is also set to coincide with the release of the collected graphic novel of her last adventure “Blood Debt” and readers and retailers can also order the previous volumes by Van Lente, Garth Ennis, and Al Ewing (Immortal Hulk, Immortal Thor).

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