Disney’s Hades makes his Comic Debut!


writer: Elliott Kalan

artist: Alessandro Ranaldi

covers: Karen S. Darboe (A), Jae Lee (B), Trish Forstner (C), Francesco Tomaselli (D), Action Figure (E)

FC | 32 pages | Fantasy | $3.99 | Teen

Hades — the lord of darkness! The most deceitful and scheming of the Greek gods!

The one god not invited to the weekly brunch at Mount Olympus!

Obviously, a slight like this calls for the total destruction of the gods of Olympus. To make that happen, the hot-tempered ruler of the underworld needs to acquire the magical Golden Fleece of Colchis. Unfortunately, the Fleece is guarded by a sleepless dragon and soldiers made out of teeth, so Hades assembles a ragtag group of morally questionable adventurers to help him steal the Fleece before some dude named Jason and his Argonaut bros swoop in and ruin his perfectly logical plan. It’s absolute chaotic hilarity courtesy of writer ELLIOTT KALAN (Spider-Man & The X-Men) and artist ALESSANDRO RANALDI (Zorro)!

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