Enter: Negaduck!

He’s not the terror that flaps in the night… In fact, he’s the screeching fingernail on the chalkboard of justice! He’s the sour ball in the candy jar of goodness. He’s… Negaduck! And the Disney fan-favorite foe is making his way into his very own comic series this fall from writer Jeff Parker!

Darkwing Duck is the honorable protector of St. Canard, and a strong family man to his daughter Gosalyn. Over in his native Negaverse, Negaduck is the polar opposite of everything Drake Mallard stands for, his evil doppelganger in every way. Negaduck is nefarious and dedicated to stealing lollipops from children and not helping grandmothers cross the street! Now, in his brand-new title, he’s revving up a reign of crime and terror of record levels. There’s only one problem… all the other criminals are ripping off his ideas — so he’s taking his show on the road!

Writer Jeff Parker is not only known for his heavy hitter runs on top titles like Aquaman, Thunderbolts, Hulk, and more, but he’s also beloved for countless all-ages and retro style stories outside of traditional super heroics, such as Batman ’66, Future Quest, and Flash Gordon with Dynamite. He’s bringing that same diverse skill set and energy to Negaduck.

He’s matched up with artist Ciro Cangialosi, who comes equipped with a brilliant cartooning style that will complement the main Darkwing series by Carlo Cid Lauro well and stand out on its own. Observant fans and collectors will notice Cangialosi has already been drawing several of the fun action figure variants for Darkwing Duck, including the one featuring Negaduck on issue #6!

“When I’m doing stuff that’s very all ages, I still try to entertain myself first, and I assume the reader is pretty smart even when very young,” said writer Jeff Parker. “I like how universal in appeal books like this can be, you ‘get it’ within a page and are along for the ride, you don’t have to read a wiki entry before beginning. I like to make stories for newer readers and get older readers to reconnect to the kind of work that pulled them into comics and animation. Also, I love that I can give these books out at Halloween with candy, that’s a big plus with all-ages stories.”

Editor Nate Cosby added, “No one on the planet’s better at writing all-ages comics than the great JEFF PARKER. Dude can make even NEGADUCK relatable… and Negaduck’s favorite thing is breaking stuff with a chainsaw! Combined with Ciro’s lushly detailed visuals and Eckleberry’s zippy lettering, the book is going to be a treat for any reader of any age!”

Not only will fans enjoy the large hat and large ego of Negaduck in the series, but other great characters from the mythos will appear as well, such as The Fearsome Four and Taurus Bulba right off the bat!

In addition to the stylings of Cangialosi inside the book, a top team of illustrators have assembled to depict the fowlest of them all in a range of stunning, diverse covers. Superstar Joshua Middleton leads the charge, acclaimed for his jaw-dropping depictions of characters like Aquaman, Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman. Two of Dynamite’s Disney comics mainstays return, in Jae Lee and Trish Forstner. Jeff Parker’s frequent fan-favorite collaborator Steve Lieber checks in, with his first cover being a bit of a subtle nod to his work Whiteout. Then Parker himself tackles the action figure cover, tapping into his own artist side.

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