Pullbox Previews Angry Ape Army: Genesis Uprising- Hop on board for a very different Planet

  • TITLE: Angry Ape Army: Genesis Uprising
  • WRITER: Scott Bryan Wilson
  • ARTIST: Al Barrionuevo
  • COLORS: DC Alonso
  • LETTERS: AndWorld’s DC Hopkins
  • COVER ARTIST: Montos
  • LAUNCH DATE: May 24, 2023
  • PLATFORMS: Zestworld / GlobalComix / comiXology

“I’m going to tell you something that will change your life. I’d better not be wrong.”

Long ago, before the war on Genesis World, a powerful energy called the Aura flowed through the roots and veins of every living thing, a source of magic for the peaceful Genesis Apes. That is, until a legion of technologically advanced Nano Apes took the planet by force, drawn to the Aura as a source of fuel for their own dying planet.

Now, the Nano Apes rule and the history of the Genesis Apes, robbed of their homes and their dignity, is snuffed out, living on only in whispered legends. There are tales of magic, and of mighty warriors called Valkyries who fought to protect it and their home with a powerful, wild weapon, even as they were hunted. But those are just bedtime stories told to children. Technology is supreme. Magic is forbidden.

As the Nano Apes tighten their grip and strip-mine the Aura, there’s a stirring in the ranks. Kambris, a low-level grunt, is about to discover there’s something special about him. With his friend Hatch and their reluctant ally, the Valkyrie Amaxa, Kambris embarks on a journey that begins with an accident but will engulf the planet in fiery revolution. Genesis has been beaten long enough; it’s time for an uprising.

Writer Scott Bryan Wilson is the writer of the Satanic fast food crime series Trve Kvlt. He has also written for DC Comics (Pennyworth, Batman: Gotham Knights), Dynamite (Altered Carbon, Elvira), Valiant (Divinity III: Shadowman), IDW (Star Trek: Waypoint), and many anthologies. He is writing the comics adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s and Michael Reaves’s InterWorld for HarperCollins. Find him at scottbryanwilson.com, @scottbryanwilson (Instagram), or @scottbrwilson (Twitter).

Artist Alejandro “Al” Barrionuevo is an Argentine comic book artist who lives in Melbourne. He began his career as an exclusive artist for DC Comics. He has since worked for companies like Marvel and Valiant Comics. Among his many works, Al has drawn characters such as Batman, Martian Manhunter, Teen Titans, Thor, Storm, and Hulk. He is currently working as a cover artist for DC, Zenescope, Dynamite, and the interior artist on ANGRY APE ARMY for EEP Universe.

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