Pullbox Previews – Disney Villains: Maleficent #1


writer: Soo Lee

artist: Soo Lee

covers: Jae Lee (A), Soo Lee (B), Jennifer L. Meyer (C), Rebeca Puebla (D), Erica D’Urso (E)

FC | 32 pages | Fantasy | $3.99 | TeenDisney and Dynamite proudly present Maleficent, Queen of the Forbidden Mountain! Her realm is shrouded in darkness, and evil, and full of all things that go bump in the night. Her soul is cold, hardened by a lifetime of small-minded wanderers seeking to steal her powers to satisfy their mortal greed. Her patience wears thin. Her mystical might grows. It is a matter only of time before she descends the mountain and unleashes her horrible magics upon the powerless people below. A stunning vision of villainy from writer and artist Soo Lee!

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