Dynamite Entertainment and Disney Comics invites readers to go into Scar’s backstory


Writer: Chuck Brown

Artist: Trevor Fraley

Covers: Jahnoy Lindsay (A), Karen Darboe (B), Erica Henderson (C), Junggeun Yoon (D), Gene Ha (E), Blank Authentix (F)

FC | 32 pages | Adventure | $3.99 | Teen

A startling new vision starring Disney’s greatest villain, set within the world of The Lion King! Eisner and Ringo Award-winning author Chuck Brown (Bitter Root) and stunning artist Trevor Fraley tell a tale of fire and fury, centered on an enraged Scar, unable to accept that he will never be king — not so long as long as Mufasa and his new son inhabit Pride Rock. A plan is starting to formulate within Scar’s corrupt mind, which will bring him face-to-face with the mysterious shaman, Rafiki…

This series debuts with a special, 27-page story at the regular cover price of just $3.99!

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