Pullbox Reviews Zira #2, another addition to the growing 819 Universe

  • Zira #2
  • 819 Comics
  • Created by Team Pinsoneault
  • Illustrated by Nathan Pinsoneault
  • Colors by Stacie Pinsoneault
  • Inks by Colin Richards
  • Dedicated to Alix Juls James & Genesis Rodriguez

Back in 2018, I was entrusted with a sneak peek at Stacie & Nathan Pinsoneault’s first labor of love, Mister Marsh. I read it, loved it, & reviewed it. I must’ve done a fair job with the accolades because, in 2022, the comic-creating couple hooked me up with a look at their next piece of work, Zira. I reviewed that one too (you can see ‘em both here & here) and here I am again, getting ready to ramble on about Nathan & Stacie’s latest family outing, Zira #2.

Y’know, you really should go back and check out those other reviews, because everything I’ve said still applies, with one addendum. Cruising back through all three comics, earliest to latest, is like reading a flowchart with a spotlight on how a motivated team of creators can improve their craft. Team Pinsoneault still gives all the nods to the classic comics that inspired them to create. The series continues in its anthology format, with title character Zira herself offering intros to each story. The dialogue still works, jumping a bit now & then but always managing to come back around to stay on point. The tales embrace galaxy-spanning realms of fantastic adventure the likes of which Howard and Burroughs pioneered.

Where the Pinsoneaults have truly made some leaps forward is in their artwork. Mister Marsh and Zira #1 had a look that was simultaneously an homage, down to the smallest “Kirby Crackle”, and completely their own. Nathan Pinsoneault has a unique style as an illustrator, and he’s tweaked his work along the way. Gone are the breaks in proportion and perspective in his figures, and his overall design is a lot more fluid than in early issues. With Nathan’s pencils locked in and solidified by the inking job done by Colin Richards, the foundation is laid out and ready for the final touches.

Have you met Stacie Pinsoneault? Her work, rounding out the visual appeal of Zira and bringing pizzazz in her use of colors brings the whole thing together like a really great throw rug. Her early steps into the high-profile world of the comicbook colorist were good, but maybe lacking a little depth. Now, the galaxy-hopping Zira takes up actual space in her world. Another important job for the colorist is to match their color palette to the tone of the story. Stacie is right on the mark, kicking this bizarre universe into high gear.

It’s always a very cool thing when you can watch a creative team step up their game as they develop their own brand of comics. There isn’t anyone in the industry who can look back and deny that they had areas in which to improve. What I love about the blooming 819 Universe is that the evolution is across the board, and adds to the obvious love Nathan & Stacie have for their chosen medium. Comics rule, & anyone who says different A) hasn’t found the right comic, B) is a disappointment to their family, and C) probably wouldn’t be reading this article to begin with.

Final Score: 11/13

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