Pullbox Previews You’ve Been Cancelled #1, sci fi bounty hunter action from Mad Cave Studios

  • You’ve Been Cancelled #1
  • Mad Cave Studios
  • Author(s): Curt Pires
  • Artist(s): Kevin Castaniero
  • Colorist(s): Jason Wordie
  • Cover Artist: Kevin Castaniero and Jason Wordie
  • B Incentive Cover Artist: Martin Simmonds

In the near future, cancel culture means more than just losing your job…it could mean your life. The world’s premier entertainment event is CANCELLED – a live-streamed program where elite bounty hunters called cancellers kill individuals who society has voted to “cancel” following heinous actions or offenses. Our story follows Roland Endo, the world’s #1 ranked Canceller. Because of this status, Roland lives in a constant state of paranoia with a target on his back…

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