Pullbox Previews AL15 volume 2: Broken Dreams- Through the Looking Glass with a stylish Sci Fi twist

Sequel to the highly acclaimed ALI5: The Adventure Begins

  • Writer & Artist: Steve De La Mare
  • Publisher: Markosia
  • 160 pages | Full Colour
  • ISBN: 978-1-915387-70-7

ALI5 has arrived on Somnium Terram (Dream Land) to find her way home but has been captured and thrown into a surreal world of Augmented Reality. Guarded by AI and surrounded by Dragons, ALI5 has only a limited time to escape before her real world caves in.

Foes to fight & Friends to help, Fantastical Realms and Imminent Danger, this is one story where Time is definitely not on her side!

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