Kickstarter Spotlight on ILLÜMON: Seven Rays of the Sun, book 1

ILLÜMON: Seven Rays of the Sun – Book One

To rescue seven fabled monsters, a brash young monster catcher braves a dying world to confront their captor: her very own sister.

In a bright, curious world brimming with light-born monsters called IllümonKanno Vaash is hailed as Hyllorah’s finest monster-catcher. Or, she would be, if the world hadn’t began to wither when the Seven Fabled Illümon – legendary creatures preserving all life in Hyllorah – were awoken and captured by Kanno’s misguided sister, Annova Vaash

Now, three years later, Kanno and her impressionable Illümon companion Shyll find themselves lighting their way through a dying world. Reviving the forbidden art of Lightbonding – the combat synergy between human and Illümon – the two journey towards confrontation with Annova to free The Fabled

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