Pullbox Previews Zanbul, Book 2- An abstract fantasy coming soon!

  • Zanbul book 2
  • Created by
    • Taylor Ellis (illustrator)
    • Jenny Esman (narrator)
  • Preorders go live on December 21st, 2022

ZANBUL is the poetic chronicle of a Goddess’s sacrificial death and the subsequent birth of a world at war and in love. From the crumbling divine soul of ZANBUL, a world of beings emerges. These beings are guided with compassion by a sage that spans all timelines. In the sage’s multiple incarnations, the beings of ZANBUL navigate the chaos and beauty of the world that bloomed from a dying deity.

A back-and-forth timeline like “Cloud Atlas” presenting themes of mysticism and the occult like “The Holy Mountain” and “L’Incal,” producing a mythology in the spirit of graphic novels/webcomics like “Forming.” Zanbul is meant for those who enjoy their comics over and over again –  a puzzle to be assembled, where what is revealed in the future may change the meaning of the past. Each book of the series of four will complete the timeline of the microcosmos of “Zanbul,” creating a cerebral new mythology for fans of Eastern philosopy, the Tarot, and the Trippy

Taylor Ellis is an indie cartoonist/illustrator and has created two Tarot Decks – The Ellis decK(2013) and Tarot of the Startbound Phantasia(2021) his work can be found on ellistrations.net

Jenny Esman is a student of esotericism and a Reiki master and teacher. Her metaphysical musings can be found on https://modernalchemistsaeon.com/

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