Pullbox Previews High Noon- How the West Was Really Won…

Ever wonder what the first weed merchants in history were like? Well, look no further. The authors of High Noon: Vol. 1 – The Dead Man’s Mustache think they have a pretty good idea. Ryan Johnston and Jack Jerz are convinced that the Old West’s first growers and weed purveyors were a couple no good outlaws named Styx, Lenny, and Bigfoot. Yeah, you read it right. Bigfoot loves his weed, and that fucker’s got a magic green thumb that can grow a seed to a fully budded-plant in seconds. And let me tell you, his product is as sticky as it comes.


Now, these outlaws were pretty notorious around the Old West. Styx – our weary gun for hire – was a known assassin from the Dominion of Canada.

After an assassination attempt gone wrong, Styx was forced to make his way down South, where he picked up some work along the way. Styx is an ace shot, but he’s your average wake-and-baker. Without the devil’s lettuce in him, the guy can barely see, let alone shoot a pistol. But when he has a taste of that sweet, sweet Maryjane, this man can shoot a pinner from a mile away. As you can imagine, he’s the muscle in this lackluster operation.


Who’s heading the sales of this enterprise, you ask? Why that’s Lenny – our overbearing swindler. Lenny has a Ph.D. in bullshit and ain’t afraid to use it. This man has burned every bridge he’s ever crossed and has had so many identities he’s even forgotten his last name. Lenny’s a walking, talking identity crisis. So, you can imagine the amount of trouble he can get them in and out of.


And then there’s Atticus, a.k.a. Bigfoot. Atticus comes from a majestic forest and is not only the missing link but an intellect to boot. All this creature wants is to walk amongst us humans in peace, but unfortunately for him, he’s an eight-foot-tall “freak.” As mentioned above, Atticus has a magic green thumb which makes him highly sought after by money-hungry bureaucrats and those lowdown, dirty Lawmen.

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