Pullbox Previews In Hell- a Surreal fantasy set in the Afterlife, now live on Kickstarter

Rebel, blonde, nerd, jock, artist, feminist. Six teenagers you know all too well… Meet THE GREAT UNKNOWN (and a clown). In love, IN HELL.


Six youth awaken in a surreal landscape, unaware of how they got there, their memories hazy and jumbled. An ominous voice informs them; They are dead and this is Hell. Drama and conflict quickly blossom, and from them surprising phenomena emerge. Johnny, Barbie, Arthur, Dexter, Willow and Christine will come together, recall the history they share, and discover their destiny, together, IN HELL.

IN HELL about the thrill that comes from juxtaposing the familiar,  perhaps even quaint, with the alien, the exotic. This includes exploring the alien WITHIN the mundane, for example, discovering the hidden, previously unseen depths inside widely known figures, such as the pompadour-sporting “rebel without a cause”.

IN HELL is about unearthing grand, terrifying, Lovecraftian strangeness, and evoking even more ominous things lurking between the lines.

IN HELL is about sincerity, love, power: In this time where we are constantly each other´s throats, divided, alone while in huge crowds, I want to paint a picture of a group of people that love each other, and fight together to pursue triumph proactively instead of reactively. These heroes are not stopping anyone, they´re not protecting anything, they don´t need redemption. They WANT, and they do what they want. With your help, I want to paint a picture of men and wo-men as monarchs; beyond unrepentant, proud.

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