Pullbox Previews Orphans of the Impact Winter- When the sky is falling, it comes down to a boy & his dog

Orphans of the Impact Winter is a comic that tells the tale of an imaginative young boy named Chuck and his loyal dog Addie as they struggle to survive in a world where the moon is falling out of the sky. Coping by pretending that they are explorers in a sci-fi fantasy world, Chuck embarks with Addie on a perilous journey to find a rumored spaceship off of their doomed planet.

As the story drifts between Chuck’s imagined fantasy and harsh reality, so too does the art. Page by page the muted palettes and littered world of reality intermingle with saturated colors and cartoon characters of a science fiction fantasy. Told through two different art styles, Orphans was created by brothers Lee and Ross Carlisle and colored by Marina Gonçalves.

At its core, Orphans examines the will to survive and why, in the face of futility, we choose to go on (or don’t). It also looks at the fantastic worlds we create as children, the ways we cope with trauma as we age, and how these habits collide in a character like Chuck. Orphans is aimed at mid-teen to early 30s readers, especially those who are nostalgic for cartoons in the style of Chuck’s imaginary world but can relate to the idea of reconciling youthful fantasies with the often harsh realities of the present.

Free to read now at https://www.orphansoftheimpactwinter.com/ and coming very soon to Kickstarter…

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