Pullbox Previews: Void Holes, the inaugural issue in a self-published sci-fi anthology

Void Holes (available now through Kofi & GlobalComix) is a sci-fi adventure following the crew of the Sun Basher – Lewp, Sync, and Ki. This first issue features three independent but connected 8-page stories about these lovable voidholes that call themselves a crew.

The inaugural issue features three independent but connected 8-page stories. “Pitstop” sees the crew trying to make the most out of an unexpected visit to a planet. (art by Kame) “Cargo” explores what happens when everything goes wrong during a long space journey. (art by Kame) “Sitter” is a silent story that takes a quiet look at Lewp and one other character when they’ve been ditched by the other Void Holes. (art by Florencia Verrelli)

Pitstop, by Nicholas Poonamallee & Kame
Cargo, by Nicholas Poonamallee & Kame
Sitter, by Nicholas Poonamallee & Florencia Verrelli
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