Pullbox Previews: Off Girl, a true Indie comic with a Big Finish…

First imagined as a live action short script in 2014 with a male protagonist, adapted for a spec script homework assignment ( Fine chose Curb Your Enthusiasm,) then reimagined yet again with a female protagonist in a feature comedy script, writer Tina Fine finally stopped – she realized Off Girl’s journey was best told in Comic Art form.

She started her search for an artist is 2015. After trying out a few, Tina luckily found Mark Reihill and his wonderful illustrations on Deviant Art. She emailed him immediately. He was the one and only artist to draw Off Girl. Mark agreed to join the project and they began working on Off Girl Issue #1 in August of 2016. Issue #1 was published in January 2017. Issue # 2 followed in May 2017. Issue #3 finished in time for Off Girl’s first time at New York Comic Con, October 2017. Issue #4 was done by January 2018 and Issues #5, #6 and the first Volume “Genesis” printed in October 2018, the Off’s second time exhibiting at New York Comic Con. July 2019 brought Issue #7, September 2019 Issue #8 and the second Trade “Metamorphosis” at the third New York Comic Con visit in October 2019. Issue #9 dropped August 2020 and Issue #10 in currently in production.

You can find Tina’s short film, Sand Castle, at Vimeo.com
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