Gooey Cube – a must have for DM’s, new and experienced!

Last weekend when I was at GaryCon, I got to meet more than a few creators / vendors but only a handful stood out to me and one of them was Gooey Cube. The folks at Gooey Cube have created a one-stop shop for your campaign. An all encompassing crate (or cube in this case) filled with easy to start adventures, encounters that are differentiated for different levels of parties, maps, handouts, maps, NPC cards (portraits + personalities) – and all of it GORGEOUS! These adventures all take place on their own setting so new classes, races, monsters, magic, lore, items, etc. and all of it 5e compatible.

As an experienced DM who runs weekly games, I may not need a “hand me an adventure” BUT I do often appreciate pre-generated maps (both for DM and players), pre-made detailed NPC’s, handouts, adventure ideas. Oh wait, did I mention that you get physical and digital copies of everything (because none of us use online tools at all, right?).

For a great value for your gaming buck, I would encourage you to check it out – HERE

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Updated: April 4, 2022 — 8:04 am

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