Pullbox Previews: Bettie Page – The Alien Agenda

Bettie Page: The Alien Agenda #1

writer: Ani-Mia

artist: Celor

covers: Joseph Michael Linsner (A), Josh Burns (B), Stephane Roux (C), Jimmy Broxton (D), Ani-Mia Cosplay (E), Blank Authentix (F), Ani-Mia Cosplay (G-RI/BW), Jimmy Broxton (H-RI/BW), Stephane Roux (I-RI/BW), Josh Burns (J-RI/BW), Joseph Michael Linsner (K-RI/BW), Stephane Roux (L-RI/Virgin)

FC | 32 pages | Action Adventure | $3.99 | Teen+ 

Poor Bettie Page has barely finished up her latest adventure and gotten back to modeling when duty calls once more!  Seems there’s something funny going on in a place called Area 51, and it’s up to Bettie to investigate!  There’s a catch this time, though—the United States military might be putting Bettie on the case, but they can’t avow the existence of said case—or Bettie!  Instead, our marvelous model is given a crack team of assistants to help her go where no woman has gone before! Fresh off scribing Bettie Page and the Bigfoot Bandits, this spaceship is steered with a purpose by fan-favorite Ani-Mia and illustrated with only the finest stardust by Celor (Hack/Slash vs. Chaos!, Kiss: The Phantom Obsession)!

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