Pullbox Previews Real Hero Sh… Stuff, a fantasy adventure full of humor & heart

Yup, that’s what it says…

Adventure awaits! But our heroes are missing some manpower.

People are going missing in a small mountain town. The city guard are blocked from a real investigation. The notorious Underguild has assigned Michel a secret mission: find the missing villagers and bring whatever kidnapped them to justice. Unfortunately for Michel (and his fellow adventurers, Ani and Hocus), they’re short a fighter and need one more party member to foil this plot. Even more unfortunately, the only volunteer seems to be the arrogant, ostentatious, purple playboy Prince Eugene looking to cure his boredom. Covert is not a concept that he’s familiar with, and let’s just say his commitment to the mission is questionable.

Every day is basically spring break for Eugene, but outside the palace walls he crashes into a hard reality: the system that kept him safe in his silk-sheeted bed isn’t particularly concerned with the well-being of anyone who isn’t him. Eugene will have to level-up his awareness if he means to be a real hero, and time is running short!

Pampered bastard prince Eugene has decided to join the adventuring squad of Michel, Hocus, and Ani, and what his majesty says, goes! Together, they must investigate disappearances surrounding a corrupt church that cares more about profit than the wellbeing of its congregation.

Kendra Wells is a comic artist and illustrator. Their work includes Tell No Tales: Pirates of the Southern Seas, political cartooning with The Nib, and character design for Dimension 20’s The Unsleeping City seasons one and two. They live in Brooklyn with their cat and enjoy food, swords, and video games where you can kiss.


  • THRILLING & EXHILARATING STORY: The multifaceted characters in REAL HERO SHIT come alive on the page and are never quite what you expect, making for a page-turning adventure that’s also a character-driven journey of discovery.
  • VIBRANT ACTION-PACKED ART: A mixture of anime and American cartooning influences, Kendra’s signature style is open, appealing, and inviting to readers that grew up on YA manga but are looking for something more mature in the growing adult GN market, with fluid, kinetic fight scenes throughout.
  • MIX OF COMEDY AND ADVENTURE: A proven winning combination in the adult GN market, particularly in stories that play out in role playing-inspired fantasy settings like Adventure Zone.
  • REPRESENTATION: Featuring characters across a spectrum of genders and sexual orientations, REAL HERO SHIT offers a fantasy story so many readers yearn for; either a reflection of themselves or a peek into the lives of others, told in a knowledgeable, sensitive, and informed way.
  • POPULAR CREATOR: Kendra Wells enjoys a 35K+ social media following of devoted fans due to their humor, political commentary, and creative work for publishers including The New Yorker, The Nib, Boom! Studios, and Dark Horse Comics.
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