Pullbox Previews The Wildcard Chronicles: Rude Awakenings

  • Wildcard Chronicles (isues 1 & 2 available now)
  • Burning Spear Comix
  • Created & Written by JOHN “NURI” MCADAMS
  • Colors by YUAN CAKRA
  • Letters by KUEN TANG
  • Concept Art & Logo by MOHAMMED AGBADI
  • Edited by MOANA MCADAMS

The story picks up in the final year of “The Last Great War” in 2019CE during the time of the “Mass Awakening” and in the aftermath of the infamous “Night of Reckoning.” As Tekhen City rejoices, the corporate world begins to regain its infrastructure as it restarts the “Corporate Initiative.” Finding new financial backing, drug cartels and tech tycoons are poised to retake Tekhen City – whoever runs Tekhen controls the entire East Coast.

In a striking master stroke of events, Tekhenʻs big corporations align with the cityʻs newly elected mayor and the drug cartels to shut down the super bike race track, the Giza Grand Prix – a key financial element in New Dendera. This takeover kicks off the legendary Superbike Street Wars, an underground 2-wheel warrior series of street grudge matches that begin in Tekhen City and  spreads around the country.

We meet a young street racer named Nuri Mauntess as he hears the suspicious news surrounding his father’s death in the Night of Reckoning. As the eldest son and heir to the noble House Mauntess, Nuri must shoulder the weight of his family’s legacy, but is he ready?

Nuri calls upon his strongest allies to aid in his search for the truth about his father’s death. Along the way, rival biker gangs, shady politicians, and an underground crime syndicate make Nuri’s life a living hell.

In the WildCard Chronicles Universe, we created a diverse cast that were selectively chosen and based on real life heroes within our own communities. Our goal is to bring rich characters with well-thought-out backstories that are tied to their cultural background and ethnicities and to inspire others to “Find the Hero Within.”

In Issue 2, we uncover the origins of the House Mauntess as the book opens with the Court of the Black Lions traveling down the Nile River to the place of the “Gathering”, at the Temple of Ramses II aka Abu Simbel.

We take powerful Egyptian symbolism, history, and superior technological advances upon which the infamous Giza plateau was built and bring it into the Wildcard Chronicles as the foundation for Tekhen city. Hailed as the Vegas and Silicon Valley of the East, Tekhen is a city full of majestic, mystical wonder and dark secrets.

Abu Simbel

In the struggle for Tekhen City, loyalties will be tested, bonds will be broken, and heroes will rise from the masses to battle the system created to control them. Will they accept the challenge? Do they have what it takes to bring justice to their city?  Pledge today and find out!

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