Pullbox Previews Hades: Rise of the Dark God, now live on Kickstarter!

Cover art by Paolo Panatalena

Now on Kickstarter, Hades: Rise of the Dark God!

When the isolated kingdom of Anastos is alerted to an imminent invasion, king Apollo sends his cousin Hades to entreat the invaders.  What follows are events that will reverberate through the Nexus  for milennia.

Before Chronos. Before Deimos. There was Hades.

  • Aron Pohara Writer/Creator
  • Artist Colorist: Fabrizio Cosentino
  • Lettering: Francisco Zamora
  • Editor: Alin Silverwood

From the pages of Book of Lyaxia, find out the shocking beginning of the tale of two brothers that were intertwined in eternal conflict by fate! This tale focuses on Hades and his journey and ultimately a revelation how he ties into the grand schemes of the overall story.  

This is both a fanastic tie in chapter for all that read the story so far, as well a great jumping off point if you have never read this story before!!!

This is a chapter no one should miss! It serves both as a companion piece for Book of Lyaxia story as well as a great starting point if you never read the book before now!

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